User Management

  • Pikasso will have the following role and permission:

    • Creator: It's a normal user, so they can use Pikasso for creating NFT, Collection and selling or buying in Pikasso CEX. They also can deposit and manage their NFT within Pikasso or they can withdraw their NFT to their Web3 wallet. They can update the collection in public or private mode.

    • Business User: This account needs to request Pikasso Admin upgrade to the Pikasso business plan, so they have unlimited access. They can CRUD single or multiple projects, adding single or multiple collections to the project. They can update the project and collection in a public or private mode.

    • Publisher: Let publishers embed a Collection or an NFT of the Collection so they can refer and receive bonus from Pikasso.

  • Allow user to view their profile, on this page users can:

    • Update user profile

      • User name

      • Avatar

      • Wallet Address

      • Linked social channels (Twitter, Facebook…)

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