Buying/ Selling NFTs

  • Allow user to sell their Collection or single NFT on the Pikasso platform

    • Users can config the price for selling

    • They can set up the options for selling:

      • Fixed Price

      • Auction

    • Allow users to buy a Collection or single NFT of a collection or on the Pikasso platform:

      • Buyer needs to provide email and credit card info for buying. Our marketplace can help to store their NFT, the buyer can resell NFT in our marketplace or their own website (NFT Shopify)

    • Users can able to:

      • Deposit NFT to Pikasso Exchange

      • Withdraw NFT to web3 wallet. Pikasso will charge the network fee and mint fee at this step

    • The flow of buying NFTs with credit card:

      • Each task is considered as a queue of operations: O1 -> O2 -> O3 -> … -> O_n

      • Task data structure:

        • task_name: “ ”

        • task_id:

        • task_status: TASK_CREATED_

        • number_of_operations

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