CRUD Single/ Multiple NFT

  • Allow user CRUD NFT to the Collection in Pikasso

    • Add Single or Multiple NFTs to the Collection

      • Upload Items or Drag & Drop

      • Input Name/ Description

      • Users can config options for purchasing items

        • Fixed Price

        • Timed Action

          • Allow user to select starting Date & Expiration Date

          • If the Item has expired, so the user can’t continue to buy this item

      • Allow user to config the price in USD or ETH

      • Users can able to select Collection, Logo, Category and Custom properties

      • Users can Preview their Items

      • Users can able to turn on & off toggle Put on Marketplace

        • Turn on: Showing item in MarketPlace

        • Turn off: Not showing the item in MarketPlace

      • If the user turns on the toggle Put on Marketplace and the user has already deposited and enough money in Pikasso, then when the user submits the collection, it will list to Pikasso Marketplace, OpenSea, Raible and vice versa.

      • Users can able to mint NFT, cancel the listing or stop the auction

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